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Art and Design

Welcome to our company website. Kenrock-Asscomp is the home of art and design, everything from the art on your wall to web and graphic design to video works to kroma and studio rental.

How may we help you?

Here in Kenrock-Asscomp we stand at your service to offer professional products and services wether with respect to your company web market presence or the interior deco of your home and office. You will find our products very satisfying.

What's special about us?

Before the coming together of KenRock studios and Asscomp computers, KenRock studios has been in the buziness of photography, video productions and graphics. While Asscomp computers have been involved in networking, web designs, computer sales and repairs. Therefore, the merging together of these two companies presents some very obvious advantages.

As experienced professional photographers and video makers, everything that will give your website that custom look and feel is within our reach and control. We can quickly take our pictures if you don't have any. We can shoot and edtit your videos if its so required. Just tell us what you want and it is done!

One stop-shop!

You don't need to contract photography or video to different agents in order to have materials for your site. Just give us the job and the rest is history! And always remember that We are at your service wheneber you need us!

Once again, thank you for coming and please feel at 'home'. When you are through with navigation, feel free to contact us.